Natacha Navarro

Psychologist, trainer and supervisor in group driving techniques and in the area of organizational development.

Natacha Navarro

Her knowledge and training of teams and group coordinators for more than 20 years is complemented by intervention in different social, educational and human development contexts and organizations. She currently works as a psychotherapist, trainer and coach Specialist in coordination of human groups focused on personal and group growth in the field of health, development and social co-responsibility.


  • Degree in Psychology from University Autónoma de Madrid,. Psychodramatist by Center for Psychodrama Studies and alternative cultures (Barcelona).
  • Psychodramatist by the Madrid ITGP. Psychotherapist (FEAP).
  • Teacher of secondary education, specialty of psychology and pedagogy.
  • Teacher of secondary education, specialty of physical education.
  • Associate member of the Spanish Society of Psychotherapy groups.
  • Associate member of the Spanish Psychodrama Association.
  • Associate member of the International Association of Groups and groups processing (IAGP).
  • Collegiate of the College of Psychologists of Granada.


  • Trainer and Supervisor in Group Techniques. Psychodramatist and Trainer in Psychodrama and Active Techniques of conducting groups (Program accredited by AEP, FEPTO, IAGP).
  • Member of the AEP, SEPTG.
  • International group trainer.
  • More than 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist in private practice.
  • Professor at the University of Granada. Department of Evolutionary Psychology Faculty of Education Sciences. Specialized in attachment and violence between Pairs.
  • Professor of Intervention in Risk Contexts, Faculty of Social Work. Granada
  • Co-director of the IAGP Conference “Between Worlds and Cultures”: the competition Intercultural group.
  • Director and trainer of the International Center Jacob and Zerka T. Moreno in Granada, training in Psychodrama and Active Techniques (since.
  • Specialized in intervention with adolescents in educational contexts and peer violence (Universidad CES de Medellin, Universidad Uninorte de Barranquilla, Universidad El Salvador de Bogota).
  • Specialized in intervention in couples and bicultural families.
  • Specialized in intervention in sexual abuse.
  • International Coordinator of multicultural groups with many experiences on multicultural issues.
  • Trainer of teachers in a permanent program of teachers (CEP) in several cities, Vigo, Salamanca and Granada.
  • Author of several articles on teaching, adolescence and mitodrama and Sociodrama.
  • Organizer of several congresses: Theater and Society Encounter: Who will survive (Granada 2008 for AEP); From Fear to Resilience (Granada 2014 for SEPTG); Emotional traces of our wars (Granada, 2016).
  • Intervention from the perspective of organizational development at the College Los Portales de Bogotá, Colegio Santa Maria de Valle dupar, Colegio Escolapios Genil de Granada, Escolapios Cartuja
  • Experience in private sector in organizational development: Siemens