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Next: 23rd June @ 17:00

“Transform self to transform our reality to live in trust beyond surviving.”

Making visible the invisible: introduction to the 3 Essences of the organization: STRUCTURES, CULTURE and CONSCIOUSNESS.

Each of us is invited to be protagonist to co-create that reality that we desire for ourselves. Organizations are the lever, when knowing how to consider and transcend their economic and competitive need.

“Seeing the Essential (and what is not) allows us to put energy into what is really necessary to fulfill the purpose of an organization.”



Make the visible the invisible to be protagonists and have an efficient, effective and meaningful influence and impact strategy in the organization and its results.

To be a protagonist, we have to be aware of our authentic reality: who are we? what are we? how do we work? what drives us? what stops us? what do we long for? what do we avoid?

To expect different organization´s results (be it the satisfaction of a customer, the impact of a meeting, or the success of the organization itself) sometimes require going deeper than what is seen with the naked eye for them to change. It involves going to the very Essences of the organization.

For whom?

The master class is aimed to anyone with a desire to influence organization and organizational development from inside or outside: business and HR managers, internal and external consultants and mentors.

Beatriz Catalá and Luc van der Horst are specialists in Organizational Transformation and partners of Satori3. In addition, Bea brings more than 30 years of experience in organizational training and consulting and Luc brings more than 25 years of international experience from within organizations, both from a technical and business perspective. Their research, supported by a wide diversity of experts, focuses both on the phenomenon of transformation itself, and on its application to complex dynamic systems, and particularly organizations.


  1. Bea Catalá and Luc van der Horst introduce the essential concepts of an organization, a practical and useful model to facilitate the strategic management of an organization and any initiative for change with efficiency, effectiveness and sense:
  2. The Structures (will be illustrated with the example of the organization’s universal triad).
  3. The Culture that configures the Structures.
  4. The Consciousness of the organization, which characterizes the place from which the Structures operate and Culture acts.

The Foundations of the 3 Essences (F3E®) constitute a true ontology, which breaks down the organization into its key elements, to make visible the invisible.

Masters and Trainings in Organizational Developments: the Alchemist® Family:

The webinar is organized within the framework of the Alchemist family: a suite of Training in the Essences and Master in Organizational Transformation. The Essences focus on the understanding and the masters on the experience of transformation itself to become an Organizational Alchemist.

“The solution is not found at the level where the problem was created, but at a higher level. That is to be an Alchemist, to raise the level of consciousness to facilitate the development of new paradigms, solutions to the challenges of our time.”

Transformation @ Satori3

Consciousness and Understanding

Thanks to knowledge, experience and observation.


Through the introspective and experiential nature of the trainings.

Trust and Will

In the integration of responsibility thanks to a safe and supportive environment.


In the manifestation of our value proposition thanks to application opportunities.