Fernando J. López Monterrubio

Pedagogist, trainer, specialist in groups.

He has almost 20 years of experience, which is mainly linked to the field of HR, especially in the area of training, where he has served as a teacher (Change management, communication, customer service, team management, (Banco Santander, Siemens, E.Leclerc, National Patrimony, Warner Bros. Park, Etam, Daikin, Didáctika Consultores, Interhuman …) and in the public sector (Municipalities of Madrid, Getafe, Fuenlabrada, Chinchón …).

Pedagogist, trainer, specialist in groups. Writer and teacher in workshops of creative literature and wine tasting.


  • Degree in Pedagogy (Social and Labor specialty) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • Master in Occupational Hazards Prevention.
  • Approved to deliver Performance and Personal Organization Improvement Programs (SMI Success Motivation Institute).
  • Collaborations: Editor-corrector for different publications.
    Freelance writer with several short story awards.
  • Wine tasting by the School of Hospitality


  • 20 years of professional experience in selection, development and training, mainly as a teacher and training coordinator in the private sector and the public.
  • Trainer related to the field of HR, prevention of occupational hazards, equal opportunities.
  • Labor counselor.
  • Coordinator of creative literature workshops.
  • Collaborator with a winery of the D.O. Wines of Madrid.
    Teacher of wine tasting courses