Victoria Fernández

Psychology. Counselling Personal & Profesional

Victoria Fernández

Her professional and personal background places her at the intersection between psychology and business management. Her current organizational activity focuses on the counselling of managers and professionals, accompanying them individually in the development of their professional and personal capacities.

During the last twenty years, she has developed a broad background, both in person psychology and in organizational psychology, working from the integration of different psychodynamic, systemic and behavioral approaches.


  • Degree in Psychology from the University of Oviedo.
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology by the Luria Group.
  • Expert in organization of socio-sanitary services by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • Training in the organizational field in the Group Relations methodology for Organizations, from the prestigious The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in the United Kingdom.


  • Senior Counsellor for managers, entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Director of Development and Innovation in In Company Programs at IE Business School. From this position she worked in Organizational Development and Management with relevant Spanish and international companies (Santander, BBVA, Roche, Siemens, Telefónica, Gestamp, Accenture, J & J, Repsol, KPMG, Endesa, Airbus, etc.).
  • Fifteen years of experience as an advisor in organizational learning.
  • Ten years of practice in clinical psychology with adults.
  • Collaboration with different Spanish public administrations in the development of psychological care services for the citizen