Master in Organizational Transformation.

Program objectives

Experiment the process of transformational work and gain understanding and capacity to extend a process of development within an organization.

Program content

  • Personal and Humanist: Profound vision of the human phenomenon
    Dynamic structure of personal development, defense mechanisms, ego and personality structure, the encounter, personal skills, etc.
  • Group and Systemic: The problem is the solution.
    Group behavior, group roles, group phases, group dysfunctions, schools and group models, diagnostic and group intervention tools.
    Organizational systemic, systemic thinking, systemic laws.
  • Trans-organizational: The organization is part of a greater reality.
    Approach to the existential meaning of an organization within a reality greater than itself.

For whom

  • Representatives of transformation seeking organizations.
  • Team responsible and members of organizations who have a role of impact and influence.

What for

To transform the organization through a process of consciousness development, generating responsibility and intrinsic coherence on the one hand, and on the other hand, attuning it with its existential purpose.

You notice a developed organization! It is alive and humanizing, innovative and focused, in such a way that it enriches and transcends the ecosystem. In other words, it is a resilient organization and it owns its destiny; where people can find belonging, security and sense in an uncertain and complex environment.

The path requires will, courage and perseverance..

Satori Institute

Beyond learning, Satori Institute is a space that facilitates personal transformation, and provides the resources to accompany and empower the “contemporary alchemist” in the transformation of his organization.

The training team represents the breadth and richness of tools and philosophies
in this direction. Each trainer brings a specific vision in individual and organizational
development processes.


The program is designed to facilitate learning and transformation with following

  • 18 months duration
  • 300h of classroom sessions
  • 90h practice and supervised personal work