Our notion of team is extended to all those with whom we share the path of organizational development, directly or indirectly: our families, clients, partners, suppliers, and experts.

We seek a relationship of equal to equal, of “partnership” with our clients and suppliers. Our clients contribute with their organization, culture and strategies, and we contribute with methodologies, techniques and experiences to achieve a common purpose.

We want to work in partnership with our customers, recognizing the risks that innovation can entail but with the confidence to overcome disagreements, challenges and unexpected results.

We like projects where our clients participate and are present in all phases of the process. We pursue the idea that the Business is an active part of it and is the real protagonist where the “success” of the transformation can be seen.

We are committed to working with our clients from the acceptance of their reality, their “DNA”, without seeking prototypes that do not match.

We are challenging, analytical, critical, tender, fearful and courageous, we trust in life, we like our work, we listen to stories, we seek the best imperfect solution, curiosity and adventures move us and we like to work together.

Satori3 is a solid and lively team, and consists of people with a humanistic, systemic, and trans-organizational approach, into which each brings different experiences, techniques and approaches, collaborating with one another in pursuit of the common purpose

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