Satori Institute is a place of exchange, learning and experimentation.

We involve diverse professionals from different parts of the world and with different approaches, philosophies and tools.

Organizational development is nourished by multiple disciplines and philosophies that bring knowledge and experience which we can transfer to our lives. While all have a common purpose, each focuses on one particular dimension of this majestic process of transformation: humanist, systemic or trans-organizational.

We want to go to the sources of the methods since they have sometimes moved away from the essence of their foundations in the way of applying to organizations.

Each is a piece of a puzzle that individually seen does not make full sense, but when we look up we see that it is part of a whole and our understanding becomes total.pero cuando elevemos la mirada, vemos que son parte de un todo y nuestra comprensión se vuelve total.

We seek the integration and inclusion of all of them, whereas each protagonist and participant defines their affinity and relationship with each one of them.

In order to be able to give an opinion it is necessary to understand, and to understand it is necessary to know and to experiment.

We do this through two main lines: first, training in organizational development; And second, through different introductory or topic specific workshops in the field of organizational development.

Workshops and Events Program


Satori Institute welcomes those people who have both professional and personal concerns and for whom, in their quest, transformation is a central point.

At Satori Institute, we always seek to keep in mind the elements that energize and guide us in our every action: purpose, relationship model and philosophy