Satori Lab is a space to investigate, experiment, develop and apply philosophies and sciences, both classic and innovative to give new answers to the development of people and organizations.

A broad knowledge of the organizations has been developed in terms of its humanistic, systemic, and to a lesser extent, transpersonal dimensions. Numerous studies have supported the hypotheses of levels and have even resulted in proposals of typification or scales to differentiate the levels. All help us to answer: what is a humanistic organization, systemically healthy and fulfilling its purpose in society? What is a more conscious organization?

While Satori Lab also wants to contribute more elements to the question of “What”, the main focus of Satori Lab is the “How”: How does an organization develop to higher levels of consciousness? The process of transformation itself, its mechanisms, what facilitates or hinders it is less developed. In parallel with the improvement of our understanding of the process, Satori Lab wants to innovate in the structure, methodology, processes, tools and agents.

Only organizations can assess whether such innovations benefit them and the society they serve. That’s why Satori Lab studies and innovates hand in hand with organizations.

Satori Lab welcomes the participation of organizations that want innovation for individual people and for the whole organization, and so to impact society by its health and generosity in serving with consciousness and responsibility.

In Satori Lab, we are guided by the purpose, the relationship model and the philosophy, although part of the mission of SL is to question and continue to develop each of these elements