We accompany the organizations to be a place where people can develop both from “knowing what to do” and from “knowing what to be”; Where organizations can be consistent and coherent; where they connect with and fulfill their essential purpose.

Organizations are going through different situations that generate impacts and concrete results. When different results are wanted, Satori Team facilitates the translation of this need into a “purpose” (the “why and for what”). Then we proceed to the study and analysis of the system as a starting point for the design of the appropriate intervention model to accompany them, if they wish, in the process of transformation.

The intervention model describes the different phases and actions through which this process of accompaniment will pass.

The characteristics that define an intervention model (the “what”) are the dimension (depth of work in the development of the people involved), the scope (number of people, groups of the organization) and tools selected for the different stages of the process.

We understand by tools those different philosophies, disciplines and areas of knowledge that are translated into forms of concrete application, useful for each phase of the intervention model and according to the criteria that define it.

All this is reflected in a specific project, for a specific client and for a specific moment in the life of that client. Although the intervention models and the tools can be replicated, the project itself is unique, with a purpose, a beginning and an end, an identity of its own, a mirroring of the organization at that moment.

In Satori Team, we always seek to keep in mind the elements that energize and guide us in each action: the purpose, the relationship model and philosophy.