The term transpersonal means “beyond” or “through” the personal, and refers to experiences, processes and events that transcend what they consider are limitations of their identity and allows them to experience a greater and more significant reality.

Dimensión humanista

Humanist Dimension

Dimensión sistémica

Systemic Dimension


Transorganizational Dimension

As far as organization is concerned, it is the echelon between people and their greater reality. Through the organization, we can transcend, through the realization of the destiny of the organization itself, that individually would be impossible.

When the organization is free of being governed by its ego, its eagerness to compensate for its fears, it is able to connect with the larger reality of which it is a part, to become aware that the people who make up the organization, organization and society are one, and the world its home. From this connection, the organization can re-identify its essential purpose, and surrender to its service. The organization mobilizes around a mission entrusted from a spiritual, social or environmental dimension. Whereas those dimensions also permeate the organization in its own being, not only what the organization does, but its quality of being and that of its members transcends in the higher reality.